Subject: Your second-opinion optometrist will want to help YOU help YOUR child with prevention.

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”  – Reinhold Niebuhr

Please watch this Informative Video for a clear understanding of how to use the plus-prevention method.

My “Advocacy” and Understanding on these issues:

“If we know a truth then we must do our best to live by it and pass it on to our children.”  – Otis Brown

“I am building something that I wish existed for me.”  –  Otis Brown

“At some point, the truth you uncover is going to demand a response. And that could change everything.”  – Lee Strobel, The Case for a Creator

“Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.”  – Spencer Johnson

“They love us and they love the truth so perfectly that they will not indulge us by collaborating in our lies and leading us to believe we’re doing right when we’re not.  When we’re mired in any degree of self-deception, we cannot fathom how desperately we need the solid, immovable truth that true friends revere.  – C. Terry Warner,

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The Original MyopiaFree Site. 

A Review of the eye’s responsiveness to both “near” and “far” environments.  A positive refractive state is essential for clear distant vision.  Hyperopia = positive refractive state.


The natural eye is proven to move negative when a minus 3 diopter lens is placed in front of the natural eye.


I thank Christine Wildsoet and her lab for creating understanding of the dynamic nature of all fundamental eyes.


Has anyone been successful, from 20/40, (about -1 diopters self-measured on your Snellen)?

If you wish to join a discussion group, I suggest reading, and posting on these sites:



This site and discussions concerns Todd Becker’s successful return to normal from nearsightedness, by wearing a plus for all close work.  He started with a prescription of about -1.25 diopters. You will find the discussion under, “Rehabilitation”.

If you are interested in recovering your distant vision, from 20/40 to normal, please feel free to post your question, and you will get an answer from  the group who are discussing this topic.


For the above dynamic images of the effect of a plus and minus on the natural eye — the results and references are presented here.


This is fundamental scientific truth.  Each of us, however, must draw his own conclusion about this aspect of natural science.  




For a thoughtful discussion, click here:  




YOUR GOAL:  Keeping Your Distant Vision Clear — For Life
Providing you with the insights on how to do it.  Quality Eye Care Under YOUR Control
Myopia-Free is about you protecting your long-term distant vision — for life.

This concept was developed based on advocacy by Dr. Jake Raphaelson — as a second-opinion optometrist.  Today, optometrists like Steve Leung are helping their own children to  AVOID ENTRY INTO MYOPIA by these methods.  I look forward towards the day when more optometrists enter this field of preventive optometry


Optometrists who insist that their own children wear a preventive plus — are the optometrists of the future.

Recognized for Excellence
Optometrist Steve Leung

Here is a review of how an why Steve Leung could help your child with true-prevention:


Our Vision: 

Steve Leung’s Vision Center is founded on the efforts, talents, and ideas of many different people. In all dealings with his clients.  Steve Leung endeavors to conduct himself with integrity and honesty. Decisions you make, by his second-opinion advice, are made on what is best for you and your childern.

The plus, used under your control — can be effective if started before that first minus lens is “prescribed”.  Myopia Free is designed to help Steve guide you in the proper use of the plus for the purpose of keeping your child’s Snellen clear for the child during the school years.  He helps his own children in the wise wearing of a “plus” for prevention.


Second-opinion eye doctors include optometrists and ophthalmologists and scientists
Steve Leung OD

Lawson’s Optometrists Limited
Room 1521, Hollywood Plaza
610 Nathan Road
Hong Kong Special Adminstrative Region
contact phone number (852) 2414-5590
Steve Leung OD maintains a  “conversational” blog about how an OD helps his children (and the public) with plus prevention.


Soon See, Optician
ReLeX Eyecare
56 Taman Bunga Matahari
32400 Ayer Tawar
Tel:  60-5-672-5619
While “simplified”, here is an animation of the behavior of all fundamental eyes (in terms of refractive STATE) to an applied plus and minus lens.
See Berkeley Vision Research at the top of this page.


What is your interest in preventing ENTRY into myopia?

I am an Electrial Engineer and a pilot.  I believe that we should all be interested in learning how to help pilots (who have the motivation for it), as well as our children learn how to use a plus to avoid ENTRY into myopia.

What are you doing now for prevention?

I always verify my vision on an eye chart at 20 feet.  I am required to PASS the DMV test, so I make certain that I pass that test.

Can anyone Guarantee that prevention will work?

No, of course not.  You can not guarantee that a person can “lose weight”, any more than you can guarantee that a person will look at his Snellen, and clear it under HIS control.

Why is this site called “Myopia Free”?

Because I judge that the National Eye Institute should supply this information to you — for FREE.

What do Ophthalmologists think about plus-prevention?  Here is a new book by a highly qualified ophthalmologist:


A Peer Reviewed Paper On Tonic Accommodation and Night-Myopia.



Myopia can be prevented — if you find the right optometrist you trust, and will follow his preventive advice.

17 responses to “About

  1. The eye should adapt similarly to the way the other human organs adapt. We can make positive or negative changes based on our behaviors. Choose to make healthy choices.

  2. It was Raphaelson who called the minus “poision glasses for children” that got my “attention”. It was my purpose to justify (as science) that statement. I would only urge all people (at 20/40 and -1 diopter) to be conversant with the possibility of prevention at that point. I am certain, now that pure-science is correct at this point.

  3. Peter> Hi Otis – can you please email me with a list of any possible eye doctors who are willing to discuss plus glass treatment for myopia in the US (northeast US) as a second option. I would really like to reach out to that doctor so that I can help calm my spouse about the recommended path I’d like to try with our child.

    • Peter,

      1) You will find most of that information you requested on my site.
      2) It takes motivation and understanding in the person to wear the plus correctly. I know you fear the wearing of a plus lens for all close work, but that is the only solution I am aware of. If you or your wife fear the wearing of a plus, then I would not try to fight anyone about that issue.
      3) The person himself (if old enough) will have to make the judgment to wear the plus himself. You can not impose this on the person. Read the remarks of my nephew on this list – for further information.



    • Dear Maurice,
      I am very pleased that you posted your remarks here. As you know, I interviewed Dr. Raphaelson in 1966. (I had “figured out” some of these issues, in the preceding 10 years.) But he convinced me that only prevention would be possible – as he insisted that his own children wear the plus – even when they had 20/20.
      That is why true-prevention depends on the parent helping the child.

  4. Hi

    I would like to know what plus lenses prescription should i use. My current prescription is as follows:

    0.75 both eyes and 0.50 astigmatism

    Thanks Otis

    • Dear Marcus –
      The minus (with slight astig.) is almost always over-prescribed by about -3/4 diopter. It it is quite impossible to even estimate the “plus” that you might use for near, unless you
      objectively read a “standard, bright Snellen” on your wall. I always get this question – and the answer it to decide to be objective in reading your own Snellen. Only after you
      do that – and report back – objectively – would I have any suggestions.
      Prevention does mean passing the 20/40 line on your “home Snellen”. But if you do not know what line you read – I can not say anything.

  5. Here is the Snellen chart.
    Print it out – put it on the wall – and put a bright light on it.
    Any “prevention”, means long-term wearing of a plus for near.
    Reading the 20/40 line (that I suspect you can probably do), will pass the DMV, whose requirement is to read the 20/40 line.
    I should ask – why are you interested in this subject? Most people “lose interest” after a week or so. The only
    people I know who are OBJECTIVELY successful, understand that it is a long-term commitment to wearing the plus,
    and exceeding the 20/40 line. I also state that I am an engineer, and simply do not provide any “medical advice”,
    and prevention is highly personal. Read the rest of my site – and make your own judgments. I am wearing a “plus” 2,
    as I type this, so I obviously think it is wise for *me* to protect *my* distant vision – by doing this. This is not
    medicine, and prevention is not medical. It takes a truly independent mind to do it.

  6. Respected sir,
    I am myopic for the last 15 years and I stopped using regular negative glasses 3 years back as I dislike them.Now I adjust with my blurred distant vision.But I found now that Plus lens could make my vision 20/20.But please clear my doubt whether I could discard plus glasses after I reach 20/20 or should I use it forever?Please reply as I don’t like wearing glasses.
    Thank you.

  7. Hi Sri –
    If you reach 20/20, by self-verification on your on “Home Snellen”, you can, at that point stop wearing a plus lens. But from any degree of “nearsightedness”, it does take a long time to go from self-verified 20/50, to 20/20. I would not “worry” about the question you ask, — until you get to 20/20.

  8. Hi Otis
    A couple of facts:
    1. I Print a snellen
    2. I went to my backyard and put the snellen on the wall
    3. I read barely the 20/30 line with my naked eyes in a bright day
    4. In my room and under artificial light, i can read barely the 20/50 line
    I hope this helps

  9. Hi Marcus –
    It is important that you understand that objective measurement by yourself – is the first step in prevention. The LEGAL standard of the DMV (Driving), is that you must pass or read the 20/40 line – and you are right at that point. You asked for a suggestion for a “plus for reading and computer”. That would be about a +1.5 to +2.0 diopter (drug store, for about $9). With about 20/40, you can avoid wearing a minus – except for driving. The plus, is to “reduce” the effect of long-term close work on your refractive status. Prevention means long-term reading with a plus, as an accepted “habit” by yourself. This is the only truly difficult issue that you will face. A pilot who must pass the 20/20 line – will wear the plus, always, to keep his 20/20. Most people, as we both understand it – simply do not understand the necessity of doing it. No one who is “medical” can prescribe what is required – because the public does not “like” the concept. So “try” a plus, in a drug store. It is up to you to make this choice.
    You are lucky you can read the 20/40 line (average). But the truly difficult issue, is to wear the plus for six month to a year to even see results.
    This is why “just prevention” is never a “medical subject”, and why it is never offered as a “solution”.
    Dr. Prentice is correct. Long-term plus wear is “tedious”.
    For me, it is like brushing my teeth on a regular basis. I do not ask, “when can I stop brushing my teeth”. That is why I
    am wearing a +2.5 diopter as I type this – and no lens for “distance”.
    This is truly a difficult choice for you.

  10. Hi Otis

    I have one question for you.

    How far can you read with your +2.5 plus lenses from your nose?

    In the prevent myopia site !Donald Rehm!, i saw that children with weak myopia under -1D should use +3D.

    Is there an accurate way to choose the correct plus lenses prescription for one person?

    For example Todd Becker pointed that is necessary create a little blurry stage but he does not explain nothing about prescriptions.

    He started with +2D, and his prescription was -1.75D.

    What do you think about all these statements?

    I want to use the plus lenses but, it is necessary to be effective in its use and prescription for better results.

    Just, i want to do my best

  11. Hi Marcus,
    Since you gave a value of 20/30 vision (bright light), I can estimate that you should be able to read at 16 to 18 inches with a +2.0 lens. I hope you can get that lens in a drug store. You then “push” the reading away, to about 28 inches. At that point, it will be blurry, so you can not read the print. If you choose to go though this, then you will start with a +2, for ALL CLOSE WORK, no exceptions. For the pilots, who have immense motivation, they do this, until the 20/30 line becomes more consistent. Then they “move” to a stronger plus lens. (But that takes about nine months.) There is nothing easy or fast about this. Equally, some people, do most of this correctly – and see no results at all. It is all a matter of your own judgment and motivation. Give the plus a try – and read this site.

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