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There is no perfect method of talking about early prevention.  I certainly do not have the answers.  I do have some recommendations for prevention, when in the early stage of myopia.  Read this site and enjoy it.




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Welcome to all who are interested in the truth.  There were deeply insightful medical people, who realized that prevention would be possible, in its early stage.  They were a Dr. Prentice and a Dr. Raphaelson.  They started the use of the plus, when the person had 20/50 or so.

But they also knew, that unless the person was very serious and consistent – results would be difficult.

I recommend this site by my friend, Don Rehm.


There are no, “bad guys”, but the effort to teach, “prevention” always encounters incredible objection from people in “medicine” who should be helping us understand prevention, when we can still read the 20/40 to 20/60 line.

There is no “perfect” way to ask a person to, “wear a plus”, when at 20/40.  Here is a short video that suggests that a child at 20/40, (who can still avoid wearing a minus lens) be taught to use a strong plus for all close work.


But ODs will say nothing.   It is hard to understand the, “reasons” why they do not help.

I personally do understand that if I wish prevention – I must do it myself.  I just ask that I be supported by a “medical person”, but I must take total responsibility – myself.

Feel free to post your questions on this blog.

Asking questions, is how I met Dr. Raphaelson, and learned from Dr. Prentice.  For me they told both medical and scientific truth.  Published papers:


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This site is dedicated the an optometrist, Dr. Jake Raphaelson, who helped children recover their distant vision, when at 20/40, by wearing a strong plus lens – for near.