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Subject:  This site is for questions and answers.

Welcome to all who are interested in the truth.  There were deeply insightful medical people, who realized that prevention would be possible, in its early stage.  They were a Dr. Prentice and a Dr. Raphaelson.  They started the use of the plus, when the person had 20/50 or so.

But they also knew, that unless the person was very serious and consistent – results would be difficult.

I recommend this site by my friend, Don Rehm.


There are no, “bad guys”, but the effort to teach, “prevention” always encounters incredible objection from people in “medicine” who should be helping us understand prevention, when we can still read the 20/40 to 20/60 line.

There is no “perfect” way to ask a person to, “wear a plus”, when at 20/40.  Here is a short video that suggests that a child at 20/40, (who can still avoid wearing a minus lens) be taught to use a strong plus for all close work.


But ODs will say nothing.   It is hard to understand the, “reasons” why they do not help.

I personally do understand that if I wish prevention – I must do it myself.  I just ask that I be supported by a “medical person”, but I must take total responsibility – myself.

Feel free to post your questions on this blog.

Asking questions, is how I met Dr. Raphaelson, and learned from Dr. Prentice.  For me they told both medical and scientific truth.  Published papers:


My email address is:


This site is dedicated the an optometrist, Dr. Jake Raphaelson, who helped children recover their distant vision, when at 20/40, by wearing a strong plus lens – for near.




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  2. Hi Mr. Brown,

    Recently I discovered you and Todd’s website about reversing myopia, and I have been trying out the print-push method for a few weeks as an attempt to reverse my myopia. I realized that every time when I finish doing the print-push method, the eye that I have been print-pushing has a temporary trouble seeing things (the images in front of my exercised eye will be murky and feels like it is covered by a thin layer of fog, and the symptom is especially pronounced if I try to see in a dark place) compared to the eye that I have not been exercising (I have one eye that has a stronger myopia than my other eye so I’m trying to improve the worse eye first). The murkiness usually fades away after 10 to 20 minutes. Is it normal? Am I doing print-pushing right?

    Thank you so much for your dedication to help others to reverse myopia, I really appreciate it!

    • Hi Lucy –
      I know a lot of people attempt to, “improve”, but never objectively look at a Snellen. I talk mostly to Pilots, who are in the range of 20/60 to 20/40. They definitely know that they must pass the 20/40 line, by reading it. If you have not down-loaded a Snellen, plan to do so. If you have a “light” prescription, like Todd Becker, you might be able to read the 20/60 line. At least one half of improvement, is objective checking.

      • Hi myopiafree,

        I did check the Snellen chart, and my left eye is around 20/80 (but the 20/80 eye is blurry), and my right eye is very bad (I can see the 20/200 line but it’s blurry). Would you recommend me to improve my right eye first (and disregard the left eye), and start practicing with both eyes when my right eye is as good as the left eye?

      • Hi Lucy,
        I am an engineer, interested in science, not in medicine. I do not give medical advice. I provide suggestions to pilots who can still read the 20/40 to 20/60 lines, and can “commit” to long-term prevention. But with that idea in mind, I will agree that recovery is very slow – at best.
        We see with both eyes open. I hope you have a bright light on that Snellen. Reading counts, even if the letters are blurry. There is a normal difference between the normal eyes of between 3/4 to 1 diopters. I would not concern myself with that difference.
        Obviously, you must wear a minus lens – to drive a car. Never drive with out one. But – if you can avoid wearing a minus lens (like around the house) you should do that – as I do it. I would also set a reasonable OBJECTIVE goal for yourself. Not 20/10 vision – because you can’t get there. But the first goal, would be to read and pass the 20/60 to 20/50 line. This means long-term monitoring. One measurement will do it. No OD can do this for you. If out doors – in sun, your distant vision might be good enough to play some tennis. All long walks – no minus. (Carry a minus – if you need it.) Some people will report no change – and that might be you. Others report, being able to read the 20/60 to 20/40 line, after about six months. But no one – can predict results. An OD will tell you that all improvement – is impossible. But always be objective with your bright Snellen. That is the only reasonable test.

  3. Hi Myopiafree,

    Thank you for your advice. I will stick with the Snellen chart to track my weekly progress.

    – Lucy

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