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There is no perfect method of talking about early prevention.  I certainly do not have the answers.  I do have some recommendations for prevention, when in the early stage of myopia.  Read this site and enjoy it.




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  1. This Blog shows two items – that one person is successful, while another, not understanding the concept, will develop a “fear” of the plus, and will quit before getting any results. Todd’s original post:


    Because of his advocacy, a 17 year-old student, “Shadowfoot”, took plus-prevention seriously, and got back to 20/20.


    This is why I do not describe prevention as a “medical issue”, since the person, must over-come his fear of wearing the plus – for “starters”. In my opinion, pilots can do this, because they have the greatest need for naked-eye 20/20.

  2. My great fear – of even starting to wear that FIRST minus lens – is stated here.


    I know, and I agree, that starting to wear a plus (for all close work), when at a self-measured 20/40, is difficult. People hate the idea of the self-discipline of long-term wearing of a plus. But the consequences of starting to wear a minus, is a rapid loss of your distant vision. Then, want could have been temporary, becomes permanent. You should be informed of this problem – before you even start wearing a minus lens. Our vision, if not protected with a plus, goes down at a rate of -1/2 diopter per year. This is a normal, natural process – that we should understand. You should challenge it, and examine this statement. But the choice to reject wearing a plus, leasds ever downward.

    An educated person should be taught this, while he can still read the 20/30 to 20/40 line, and in sheer self-defense, measure his own refraction with his own “test lenses”. The plus is not a short-term solution. It is absolutely not medical in character. There is no way to reverse it, beyond 20/40.

    No one will volunteer this information to you – which is profoundly tragic, for your life, and your long-term vision.

  3. Hi Otis,

    Thanks for posting all this fantastic information. Your book is excellent and I love the control system modeling.

    I just discovered the myopia scam and I am now following Cliffgnu recommendation of reducing my prescription by 0.5 diopters and adding reading glasses for all near work.

    Here is a link to Cliff’s YouTube and book in case you have not see it already.



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