Subject:  This site is about prevention – in the range of 20/40 to 20/60 (or about -0.75 to -2.0 diopters on your self-checked Snellen chart.)

This discussion is not about medicine, nor a medical cure.  But it is wise to check with an ophthalmologist about his opinion concerning prevention.

Some history of prevention – advocacy by a medical doctor, and the results:

A great deal of science, supports Dr. Prentice’s statement.  But the person himself must take wearing the plus seriously, and while the person can still read the 20/40 line (about -1 diopter).  Prevention, is possible, but you must evaluate this issue for yourself.


Here are some that do.  Here is the advocacy that we begin wearing a plus EARLY, by a Ph.D, and MD.

Otis> Here are some remarks by Jake of “EndMyopia” for your interest.

Jake>  Many in-person and most online vision improvement claims are nonsense.  But endmyopia is the real deal.  To make that point, we regularly publish full threads from our support forum to the blog.  The good, the bad, the ugly, it’s all here. 

There is no easy, nor magic solutions.  There is only personal education and strong resolve – to achieve a return to normal vision.  Pilots have done it – because they have the steady motivation to do it.  If you have that type of motivation – you can make yourself successful also.  In the following comment, I provide the objective facts (in a simplified formant) to help you understand both the need for prevention, and potential for your own success.

Todd Becker worked himself out of nearsightedness by wearing a plus lens.  If you are interested in an informal, “Discussion site” about these issues click here:

Then click on “Discussion”, for people who are discussing these issues.

What does science tell us about the effect long-term near-work has on our eyes?

The natural eye

The natural eye “follows” the accommodation signal

Our eyes are responsive to “long-term” near, and become nearsighted because of this habit.  Thus  long-term near, and an over-prescribed minus lens, produce the same (above) effect on all natural eyes. This site will encourage you to understand that issue – and I hope for your own personal advantage.

Enjoy this site, and others like EndMyopia, they can be your path back to normal.




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