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A medical expert argues for the need to wear the plus for prevention.  Highly recommended. Review of history:

The second site I recommend:

Further review and discussion about wearing a plus while still at 20/40.

Discussion of wearing the plus (at 20/40 to 20/60)

Layman describes the need for plus-prevention for children.

Department of Motor Vehicle Visual Requirements (DMV)

You should check this by calling the DMV in your State.  They do change over time.  Almost all other States 20/40 or better.  (In the better eye, or both eyes together).  I always check my own eyes with my Snellen, and would not drive a car if  I did not pass the 20/40 line (and much better).  My current Snellen reads 20/20.  I always go to an ophthalmologist for pure medical checks, but if my refractive state is slightly negative, and Snellen 20/30, I will work with the preventive plus, until I get to 20/25 or better.  Use your own judgment here.

You should have your own Snellen up on the wall.  Here is one for free.

I restrict what I advocate, to persons who can still read the 20/40 to 20/60 line.  Here is a person who got the, “correct concept”, and was successful.

A Scientist’s reviews the concept of prevention.

Threshold prevention with the plus can be successful — if the person has the insight and motivation for it.

Todd’s Site about Mr. Severson’s success with plus-prevention.

Simulating Lens Strength Versus Snellen Visual Acuity:

Simulating 20/60 “Blur”.  Click here, and then on “Blurry Vision”

An example of a person using the plus to recover from -4 diopters of myopia.

This preventive process supported by Dr. Kaisu Viikari


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  1. The optometrist will never supply your P.D. If you buy On-Line – here is a description of what it is, and how to fit it. I am an independent engineer, and prefer to make these measurements myself. This includes self-checking my PD and refractive status. Here are the details.


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