Subject:  What optometrists do for their myopic children – and their child’s vision just gets worse. 

Issue: Some optometrists – decline to help their own children with plus-prevention.

The issue is to understand why we should use preventive methods – BEFORE we get to the point where wearing a minus is the only answer.  That is what this prevention site is about.

There are ODs who, with great thought and analysis, realized that their own child has this “negative state” (nearsightedness inducing) habit.  (i.e., nose on page, for long-hours, can’t be bothered to wear a plus for close work).  

As described below, they look at their own children doing this, and say that, “nothing can be done – my children are going to become permanently myopic”.

There are people who want me to, “argue with them” – that they should help their own children – with plus prevention.  Obviously, I can’t do that.  

Be equally, if you desire prevention (and you can still read the 20/30 to 20/40 line on your home Snellen), you must realize that you can’t go to this type of OD for help – because he will not even help his own children.  This is why prevention (at 20/30) requires a type of mind, or person, who realizes that it is necessary that you take plus prevention seriously, because your OD is not taking prevention seriously – at all.


Perhaps the OD should, “know better” – but they prefer to, “not know better”.

Of all the tragic truths I must tell  — it is this truth. That an optometrist, so heavily educated, can be so intellectually blind to

1) The proven effect of “long-term near” on the refractive state of all eyes, and

2) The proven effect of a strong minus, on the refractive state of all eyes.

I just shake my head as I read their statement watching their children engage in “negative state inducing habits” – because the consequences are so proven, and so tragic for our children’s eyes.

There are people who think that ODs SHOULD be interested in helping their own children with “plus prevention” while the child can still read the 20/40 line on his own Snellen.

Tragically, perhaps because of a ‘bad theory”, the optometrist will not even “think about” helping their own children.

But equally – there are other ODs who reject the “bad theory”, and intentionally force their own child to

1) Sit up,  and

2) Always read though a +2.5 diopter lens.

Forgive me, but I would not take my child to an optometrist – who does not even help his own child by talking to him about his “negative state inducing” habit he has.  There is strong science that supports prevention – if you look at the facts yourself.  A formal course of “just prevention” could succeed – if the person understands the science that supports the concept.

The full book:


Discussion of his child’s “myopia inducing habits”.

Optometrist>  Nothing seems to absorb my children’s attention more than video gaming. I can shout. I can cry. I can jump up and down and flail my arms. They don’t move! They don’t look up! They don’t hear a word! And they can be in this hypnotic state for hours!! What does this have to do with vision?

Otis> My son, if you keep on doing that “habit”, your vision will “go down” by a rate of -1/2 dioper per year – for each year you insist on doing this.   Is that what you want?  If you wish to AVOID this proven consequence, then you must wear a plus as long as your refraction is negative, and Snellen is 20/30.

Otis> Science does indeed show that this “child’s bad habit”, slowly creates, “negative status” for his natural eye.  But there will be no successful prevention for his own children – unless the optometrist provides the leadership the child requires. That is perhaps tragic, but it does represent the reality and difficulty of true prevention.

Otis> The moral of the story.  You will have to begin doing prevention yourself – and can not go to an OD – who will will not even help his own children.

Otis>  As far as I am concerned, I must teach myself to make my own refractive measurements – and AVOID this optometrist – who will not even help his own children.  That means I take responsibility to always

1) Confirm my Snellen, at the 20/25 to 20/20 range.

2)  Objectively measure my own refractive status (at 0.0 to +0.5 diopters, and continue to do this — though the college years.  In fact, if I wish to preserve my distant vision – I can not allow myself to do what his children are doing.

But it takes a strong will to do it.