Subject: Scientific Videos for all Natural Eyes.

A developed paper analytic paper – for publication:

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Y, 2, 287-292

A publisher has not yet been selected for this scientific paper by Peter Greene and Otis Brown.  April 8, 2018

Verification that all fundamental eyes are independent dynamic systems:

Here are two videos to show how this property of all normal eyes are determined.  The effect of a negative lens – on the normal eye.

The effect of a positive lens – on the normal eye.

The natural eye is not a frozen box camera – as it is taught in High School.

Based on this objective science – it is possible to suggest that a motivated pilot could convince himself to begin wearing a strong plus (for all near work), and slowly get back to naked-eye 20/20.  Pilots have done this – so we know it can be accomplished.

Click to access prevention-pilots-2017-greene-brown.pdf

Equally, direct science, confirms the dynamic eye animation you see presented here:

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Prevention will always depend on the person himself.  It can not be prescribed.


Above if a summary review of the salient parts of this epoch paper.

The concept of a control-system eye – is new.

Dr. Medina’s success – with his two children.

Truly the right and only scientific answer.